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About Sevenvine

we want you to feel the difference

Sevenvine was founded for a single purpose supported by one belief. We believe that you deserve what your heart can desire, and our purpose is to make that happen for you. However it takes, whatever it takes.

what makes us different?

Adrian Chua has been designing luxury properties for almost two decades and his work has been inspired by fashion pieces, weapons and nature. Adrian is a designer in every sense of the word as he understands that great design is a crafted journey based on the lives of those who experience it. Adrian is looking for dreamers and seekers of beauty who are tired of what the world can offer so that he can draw out their dreams that are truly out of this world.

We know our stuff

  • Over 15 Years of Experience

Our design works everywhere

  • Regional Portfolio & Expertise

Luxury Beyond The Material

  • Luxury Specialists


“Working with Adrian is nothing short of pure joy. He was able to sketch out his design on the spot for me to see what I was thinking in my head. – Michelle Lim, Financial Planner

“I strongly recommend Adrian to those who want an intelligent advisor. He knew answers to questions I did not even know how to ask. That’s the real difference for me.” – Johann Tay, Estate Planner

“3 weeks was what it took from coffee at a café to drinks in my newly renovated house. Adrian made things so hassle free for me and I just love him for that!” – Pearlene Lim, Clinical Psychiatrists

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